Mielle For Low Porosity Hair 2023 & Resetting the Hair Care Cycle

Mielle For Low Porosity Hair .If you have less porous hair. So a good sensation arises with you. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, our hair becomes dry and genetically down. While you can improve the porosity of your hair by making a few changes, we apply a variety of products to our hair. And let’s see which product is working in which way. And how this product works in your hair. And what are the porosity of hair | So in today’s article, we will see that how you can take care of hair with low porosity.

What is Low Porosity  Hair ?

If you believe that your hair is of Low Porosity. So you can assume that which is the outermost layer of your hair. The hair shafts are on top of each other.

While on the contrary there are High Porosity Hair Cuticles. and are open. Tightly closed cuticles are great.

Low Porosity Hair Characterstics 

This behavior will be seen in front of you whether your hair is less porous or not. Such is the quality of hair with low porosity.

How to care for Low Porosity Hair 

If your hair is less porous, it is more difficult for hair to absorb moisture. To take care of your hair, using the right products can fix your hair.

The main goal of low porosity hair is to retain moisture in your hair. Because of which your hair can become strong, healthy, and long. Below are the tips for Low Porosity Hair.

  • Use mainly light oil.

Cuticle closure occurs primarily on hair with low porosity. That’s why it is very important to use a mild product. Which can provide nutrition to your hair by crossing the cuticle. Hair oil should be used mainly in your routine. You can use almond oil, argan oil in this.

It provides deep nourishment to the hair.

  • Steam the hair properly.

By giving steam, the moisture goes deep inside the hair. It can hydrate dry hair. Rather, hydrates make the product more effective. If you are getting out of the shower, then instead of using the fan in the bathroom, you should use the steam to ride the hair properly.

  • Avoid using heavy products.

To treat hair with high porosity, consider butter and cream as an alternative. But that can be difficult for hair with low porosity to absorb. Instead of doing their job properly, they will feel sticky on the upper part of the forces.

  • Beware Of Protein

Proteins are very useful for hair repair. But proteins are very sensitive to low pore hair.

  • Avoid using silicon.

The silicone acts to create a hydrophobic coating for the hair. Which acts as a maituizing.

  • Treat and Prevent Build Up

Because of their difficulty absorbing moisture, hair with less porosity has a harder time absorbing product. That’s why it is Pranav in the form of creation.


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