Kerafactor scalp Stimulating solution reviews 2023:shampoo & conditioner

What is Kerafactor shampoo & conditioner?

This is anti hair shampoo which makes hair beautiful and thick. Many such elements are found in it, which go to the roots of the hair and make the hair strong from inside.

Who can use it?

If you have dandruff in your hair and hair is falling in excessive amount, then this shampoo must be used. This is an excellent shampoo that makes thin hair thick and prevents hair fall.

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Which elements are found in it?

It goes deep into the scalp and provides nourishment to the hair. It helps in increasing the circulation. Due to which the hair becomes healthy.

  • caffeine
  • mentha oil
  • citric acid
  • glycerin
  • sodium cocayl
  • water
  • caprylate caffeine
  • adenosine
  • lecithin
  • copper

How to use it?

First of all you have to wash your hair thoroughly with water. After that you have to take a small drop of Kerafactor and apply it well in your hair. Due to which good foam starts forming in the hair. Now it has to be left for 5 minutes. So that the entire shampoo reaches the roots of the hair. Afterwards you have to wash the hair thoroughly.

Does it work for hair?

You have to experiment for about 3 -4 months. Due to which your hair was falling, you will see improvement in it. Along with this, it makes the skin soft.

It falls right on all falling hair. Use it regularly. So that your hair is good.


side effects


No side effects have been seen so far. It is completely safe.

its conclusion

We tried a lot of shampoo and conditioner but kerafactor is very helpful. It is a boon for hair growth. It takes good care of the hair.

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